Here you can find all of our freely downloadable and re-useable curated sample packs of archival material

Polifonia – Creating the soundtrack of our history

Polifonia Sample Pack

Sounds of Willem Twee Studios

Avondlicht x Adriaan de Roover

Curated by | Jasmín

Curated by |Torgue

Storm Sounds

Reverby church ambience and hits

USC | Allan Hancock Collection

Xylophone, Sitar, Haarlem, Bagpipes, Shanties and Chants

Japan, Sicily, Trumpets, Ivory Coast and a choir

Seaside and Wild Places, British Library


Mozambique and More

The First Sample Pack

Walking and Footsteps

Music Box


Curated by | Wanderwelle

Curated by | Jonny Nash

Curated by | upsammy


Heavy is as heavy does

The Hague

British Birds



Lakker - Struggle & Emerge Sample Pack

The Music of Samoa

Madagascar, Tahiti, Switzerland

Around the House

Schiphol Airport

Morse Code