Sample Pack | Adriaan de Roover x Avondlicht

We’ve been doing this for a while now. Since summer 2015, actually. And something that stuck with us all this time, has been the work of Adriaan de Roover (fka Oaktree) and Matthias Dziwak aka Avondlicht. The Belgian musicians seemingly exist in the same ethereal world their music conveys. Both appeared on our Fog Mountain compilations with gorgeous offerings. Their 2015 collaborative EP on Fog Mountain Amalgamation is a figurative amalgam, soft and shiny, strong and synthetic. Both have continued to have understated yet prolific musical careers in Belgium, and a while ago, when the future of the music world looked bleaker than usual, we invited them to make a sample pack.

But not just any sample pack, we wanted to change gears, no more purely archival sounds, because not everyone has the time or desire to transform the sound of a dental drill into a flute. So we asked these two atmospheric astronauts to do the initial lifting for you, the user.

What results is 15 atmospheres, all of which could be their own song, for you to build upon. The duo worked collaboratively, plucking sounds from the archive at random and then feeding them into each other’s rigs loaded with Eurorack modules, reverbs, delay pedals and more. They pushed the original material far past its original state and the fact that we’re offering up these transformations for you to use, seems crazy.


But here they are, we hope you enjoy them!