Tape Bounce Service

Always wanted that “tape” sound but can’t be bothered to buy a tape machine, have it repaired and keep it maintained? We understand. Tape machines can be finicky beasts but they undeniably add a certain “color” to sound. At Beeld & Geluid | Studio RE:VIVE, we use our tape machines constantly. We’re lucky because Philips, one of the most significant contributors to recorded and played back sound in the world, ever, made millions of tape and cassette machines.

We want to share this significant aspect of Dutch heritage with you even if you can’t visit the studio. That’s why we’re offering a free, yeah that’s right, free, service where if you send us your music or sounds, we’ll bounce them to tape (or cassette) and send them back to you. And ideally, you’ll like it so much you’ll be convinced to get your own tape machine. We’ll be happy to recommend companies and individuals that we trust who repair and re-sell tape machines. Or you’ll come to the studio for a few days of fun.

First batch is planned for October 8!


Important things, please read carefully

  • We will reserve one day a month to do this. So if you happen to miss that day or if we already have too many you will have to wait, we’re sorry!
  • If you’re not happy with the bounce we send back, we can redo it with the next batch if there’s space.
  • Audio file duration is max 5min.
  • For now, please send us mono files
  • File formats: .wav, .mp3, .aiff
  • We’ll send you back a mono .wav file, 16bit, 44.1khz
  • We will delete your file after you have downloaded it. You retain all rights!
  • Please send max 2 files per month

Some other practical stuff.

You can send us anything you want – voice, drum tracks, field recordings, full tunes etc. It’s probably best to send us stuff before it’s mixed / mastered. But that’s your call.

The gear:

All Philips or Aristona (a Philips subsidiary): Pro12 (1969), N4520 (1979), N4510 (1973), EL3549 (1962), EL3542 (1958)(tube), D6920 (cassette).

The flavors

Extra Spicy: We will slam that tune super hard to tape rendering it so spicy that you might hurt yourself.

Spicy: We’ll red-line it, but we’ll make sure the needle has a bit of movement.

Medium: We’ll keep it reasonable, catch some peaks etc.

Mild: Unlike Unwritten Law’s 2002 grunge-pop-rock song “Seein’ Red” This tune will never see the red.

Full Caretaker: Inspired by Caretaker and his Haunted Ballroom Trilogy we’ll record your track super quiet to tape and then boost it on playback blending your sound with the inherent noise of tape and vintage gear. Spooky.

Dealer’s choice: You let us decide! We get carte blanche to mess with your track as we see fit (tastefully).

Double dip: Frowned upon at parties, praised in music, we’ll bounce your track to one tape machine and then to another. Guaranteed vibes.

Speed: Normal speed, 1x or 2x up or down. For the EL3549 we can go 3x up or down! Pro12 is only normal speed.


If you’re really happy with the results or feel like contributing we’ll find a way for you to donate some money which we’ll use to keep the machines running tip-top and expand the arsenal for everyone to benefit from.