Equipment list

More info coming soon!

Eminent 310u Theater edition

Eminent 315a

Philicorda GM752

Egmond Thunder – Solid body guitar

Egmond Colorado – Hollow body guitar

Egmond Thunder- Bass guitar

London City Osprey (Jazzmaster style guitar)

Hanus Transidrums U-77 Rhythmbox

Johannus CSM128 (with MIDI)

Philips PCM100 x 2

Custom built Orange Tiny terror clone 15w (built by Marc Gielen)

Custom built Fender Champ clone 5w (built by Tos Nieuwenhuizen)

Novanex Automatic 6 (solid state guitar amp)

Philips N4510 x2 (reel-to-reel)

Aristona 9199 (reel to reel)

Philips EL3549 (reel-to-reel)

Aristona SA6127 (reel-to-reel, tube)

Philips N4250 (reel-to-reel)

Philips D6920 cassette recorder Mk1 & Mk2

Assorted Philips function and pulse generators

Monitoring – Philips MFB 541 & MFB 544

Mixers – D&R 700 MkII, D&R 200, D&R 1500

Philips Graphic equalizer

D&R Spring Reverb

D&R Qverb (digital reverb)

D&R Stereo filter

Novanex Soundshifter (Rack delay – original Philips BBD chips)

Assorted pedals

Assorted Philips microphones

Focusrite 6i4o Gen 3 audio interface

Ableton Live 10 Suite