The RE:VIVE Initiative brings together archives and artists to create new music out of and inspired by curated sets of archival material. We facilitate collaborative sessions and workshops around the world  and provide expertly curated “Sample Packs” of openly licensed archival material.

Thematically inspired

Each RE:VIVE Session will have has to have a theme. The theme can be anything about which a story could be told and explored. From a collection of field recordings to historic radio broadcasts, political, cultural or environmental, anything that informs us about a specific part of the past and has a sine wave is fair game.

Committed to knowledge

What makes RE:VIVE different than other artist-in-residence projects or creative reuse endeavors is our emphasis on context,  collaboration and commitment. Archives, artists, researchers and RE:VIVE will all work in close collaboration in order to do the materials being reused justice. RE:VIVE is not “in-and-out”, it’s a process.

For the artists and the archives

RE:VIVE is a challenge for any musician wishing to explore new sonic terrain and push themselves as composers and a challenge for archives to open up their collections for the world to re-use.  Through music and collaboration we will bring these hidden collections into the public spotlight and change the way we hear the past.