RE:VIVE is a long-standing initiative from Sound & Vision, the national media archive of The Netherlands focused on the reuse of audiovisual heritage in new musical contexts.

Started in 2015, RE:VIVE has facilitated countless projects and workshops predominately on the topic of sound design and sound sculpting, transforming archival sounds into new compositions. From there, RE:VIVE began numerous film scoring projects, inviting musicians to compose new music for archival films from the Sound & Vision collection. Other projects included Red Light Radio From the Archive, which invited DJs into the vast vinyl archive at Sound & Vision for special broadcasts, Resonance, a collaboration with Rewire Festival and the Rijksdienst voor Religieus Erfgoed, that spotlighted the different musical voices of the church plus so much more.

New horizons

In August 2023, RE:VIVE began its new adventure, Beeld & Geluid | Studio RE:VIVE, a music studio outfitted entirely with musical and audio equipment made or designed in The Netherlands. The studio is a testament to Dutch audio innovation, a stable place for musicians to come experiment and get hands-on with Dutch heritage and a rallying-cry for sustainability, i.e. using what’s available, learning how to repair instead of buy new and to save as much as we can from the trash; because this old stuff groove pretty hard. The studio works with various partners, DIY makers, hobbyist repairers, historical enthusiasts and other music studios to not only have a comprehensive equipment list but also have a wealth of knowledge and historical context to share about everything in the space.

The studio is freely available for any and all musicians wishing to get out of their comfort zone and work in an equally familiar yet unconventional musical space. Interested in coming for a session or getting involved? Get in touch.