Studio RE:VIVE

Beeld & Geluid | Studio RE:VIVE is a testament to Dutch audio and musical engineering and design. An unconventional musical exploration studio, outfitted entirely with equipment made or designed in The Netherlands, Studio RE:VIVE is a one-of-a-kind, first-of-its-kind, creative space that invites musicians to get hands on with the past and reimagine the future of Dutch music.

Dutch musical and audio engineering was instrumental in shaping the 20th century and laying the foundation for the world we hear today. For instance, Philips, the renowned Dutch electronics company invented the cassette in 1962 allowing anyone the opportunity to carry music in their pocket, make mix tapes to share their favorite songs and record sound in a more portable way. 40 years later, Philips and Sony brought the CD to market, once again, redefining how we carry music with us and leading music into the digital age.

The Netherlands was also (and remains) world famous for their analog and digital home organs. Eminent Solina, Riha, Content and Johannus all brought the sound of the church organ into Dutch homes and homes around the world while simultaneously progressing synthesizer musical innovation. Most famously, Eminent’s 310u String Ensemble, invented in 1972 was the world’s first polyphonic string synthesizer. A small part of a larger instrument, the String Ensemble’s lush sound found a smaller housing in the ARP Solina String Ensemble – an instrument that appears on countless landmark songs from the 70s and 80s from David Bowie to Pink Floyd, Joy Division, The Cure and so many more.

The story continues; Egmond guitars from Best, near Eindhoven, started in 1942 and by the 1970s was one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world. D&R, a studio equipment company from Weesp manufactured studio, broadcast and club mixers along with top-notch processing equipment that were ubiquitous in the 80s and 90s and still produce top-of-the-line radio broadcast equipment.

There’s many more stories to be told and gear to highlight. Not to mention the countless components that helped shape the sound of rock and roll born out of Philips and its many subsidiaries.

And so with all this history, we also arrive at the beating heart of Dutch musical and audio heritage; those keeping it alive. From die-hard Philips appreciators to Egmond enthusiasts, radio amateurs, synthesizer tinkerers and everyone in-between, there’s an immense community of impassioned technicians, musicians and artists that keep these old devices alive, share their knowledge on their functionality and provide access to refurbished pieces so that others can join in the history and create new meaning with old tools.

In a world where new devices and technologies appear at an overwhelming rate, despite the dwindling natural resources, often sourced in unethical ways, Studio RE:VIVE posits that maybe we don’t always need something new.

Thus, Beeld & Geluid | Studio RE:VIVE is open free of charge to any musician or artist looking to get hands-on with Dutch musical heritage and explore conventional and unconventional ways of musical exploration.

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Credit: Willem van der Ploeg