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Sample Packs

Sample Pack | Bodily Noises

Maybe a bit comedic, maybe a bit gross, but it’s hard to ignore that the body makes some interesting sounds. So for this sample pack, we put together a collection of sounds produced by the human body. Anyone who’s had food poisoning or the stomach flu will know just how incredibly powerful the stomach can …

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Sample Pack | Footsteps and Walking

Who doesn’t love walking? It’s perhaps the best mode of transportation and we as humans have been doing it for quite a long time. If you haven’t at some point taken a moment to listen to your footsteps in the snow, in the rain, on soft forrest floors, hardwood you name it; you’re missing out! …

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Sample Pack | Music Box

Creepy old music box sounds? We’ll make a sample pack out of anything these days. Dug deep from the Sound & Vision sound archive, we present a small collection of music box sounds. We’re not sure which music box these sounds were recorded from, but in their simplest design, music boxes all follow the same …

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