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Beeld & Geluid | Studio RE:VIVE

RE:VIVE, an initiative by Sound & Vision (NL: Beeld & Geluid) is elated to present Studio RE:VIVE, a wholly Dutch music studio located at the archive in Hilversum, NL. Outfitted entirely with musical and audio equipment of Dutch origin, Studio RE:VIVE is a testament to Dutch musical and audio heritage, a past that shaped the sound of the world from Rock and Roll, to portable sound, experimental adventures and everything in-between. A pioneering endeavor, Studio RE:VIVE is the first music studio ever operated by a national archive.  Studio RE:VIVE is free to use by those wishing to explore new sounds and get hands on with the past.

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Credit: Willem van der Ploeg


Sample Packs

Sample Pack for Korte Golf Wedstrijd

As part of the 2023 OORZAKEN Podcast Festival Korte Golf Wedstrijd, RE:VIVE curated a selection of audio files from the Sound & Vision archive. For the past several years, Sound & Vision has been providing archival audio content for this competition. Submissions are required to use the sounds to create a short 3 minute podcast …

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Sample Pack | Willem Twee Studios

To compliment our collaborative video profile on Hans Kulk  and Willem Twee Studios done as part of the CRAFTED project, Tom de Graaf from Willem Twee Studios put together a sample pack, diving deep into the sounds of their unique Studio 1. The studio, outfitted with several tape machines and a massive wall of electrical …

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Sample Pack | Bodily Noises

Maybe a bit comedic, maybe a bit gross, but it’s hard to ignore that the body makes some interesting sounds. So for this sample pack, we put together a collection of sounds produced by the human body. Anyone who’s had food poisoning or the stomach flu will know just how incredibly powerful the stomach can …

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