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Sample Packs

Sample Pack | Footsteps and Walking

Who doesn’t love walking? It’s perhaps the best mode of transportation and we as humans have been doing it for quite a long time. If you haven’t at some point taken a moment to listen to your footsteps in the snow, in the rain, on soft forrest floors, hardwood you name it; you’re missing out! …

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Sample Pack | Music Box

Creepy old music box sounds? We’ll make a sample pack out of anything these days. Dug deep from the Sound & Vision sound archive, we present a small collection of music box sounds. We’re not sure which music box these sounds were recorded from, but in their simplest design, music boxes all follow the same …

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Sample Pack | Adriaan de Roover x Avondlicht

We’ve been doing this for a while now. Since summer 2015, actually. And something that stuck with us all this time, has been the work of Adriaan de Roover (fka Oaktree) and Matthias Dziwak aka Avondlicht. The Belgian musicians seemingly exist in the same ethereal world their music conveys. Both appeared on our Fog Mountain …

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