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Sample Packs

Sample Pack | Jasmín

Part of the upswell of highly skilled and uniquely voiced DJs in The Netherlands, Jasmin Hoek aka Jasmín, has solidified herself as a DJ for new generations. Not bogged down in DJ purism or genre-elitism but an avid musical explorer with a devout love for Missy Elliot. And then came the pandemic, bringing her rise …

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Sample Pack | Wanderwelle

What we talk about when we talk about ambient music is the feelings we lose because they’ve been filled by the sound. Like Artistotle posited, “nature abhors a vacuum”. There’s no room for empty space in the world, something always fills it in. At least that’s our idea of ambient music, the feeling of losing …

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Sample Pack | Torgue

Torgue is our second longest running collaborator. We met at the RBMA workshop in Amsterdam that we did with Lakker back in 2016 and from there, it’s been a flourishing partnership steeped in big room techno. If you’ve been to a RE:VIVE workshop online or in-person over the past 5 years, you’ve met Torgue and …

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