Sample Pack | Torgue

Torgue is our second longest running collaborator. We met at the RBMA workshop in Amsterdam that we did with Lakker back in 2016 and from there, it’s been a flourishing partnership steeped in big room techno. If you’ve been to a RE:VIVE workshop online or in-person over the past 5 years, you’ve met Torgue and he’s definitely influenced your approach to sound design and field recordings.

His rise as a big room techno producer and live performer has flourished over the past few years. With releases on ERADYS Records, Märked, Klubikon and more. Each release, impeccably mixed for full pumping power and textured with field recordings, which play a massive role in his works.

We figured it was high time that we let Torgue take the reigns when it comes to sample packs. With so much experience working with these sounds and precise knowledge of what can be done with what and exactly how to do it, we had to know what he’d pick if we gave him the keys to the archive.

You can download the sample pack here and below find some tips and tricks from Trogue himself on what to do with them.

70 hartslagen per minuut
Amazing sound with low end frequency, perfect for creating basses and kick and rhythmic components that needs a low frequency starting point.

Telemetrisch satelliet signaal
Good rhythmic pattern and good waves for granular sampling/synthesis

Very rich sound in terms of texture, rhythm and variations, can be used to build all kinds of instruments

Dierentuin Artis
Similar to the one above but with longer envelopes, so that the sounds can be loop longer to create leads and pads

VSH metaalfabriek: grote productiehal met draaibanken voor moeren
Noisy metallic texture to create all sort of aggressive drums and percussion

Het rangeren van een treinstel
Awesome texture for background noises and a good source of high frequencies

Het lopen op een ijzeren trap
Simple texture with transients and noise, also very useful for drum productions and background textures

Infuuspomp in een ziekenhuis
Rhythmic sample, very nice for small percussion and beat composition

De Dom carillon en het luiden van kerklokken
Sound rich of harmonies and resonant harmonics, awesome to be stretched for pads and all kinds of synths

Het rijden van een ambulance met sirene, portieren openen en een brancard uitschuiven
Amazing sound that works very well for acid lines due to the siren, and also full of transients given by the doors slamming

Concertgebouw Amsterdam: stemmen van het orkest
One of my favourite samples in here, very harmonically rich texture, works wonders to make all kinds of pads and atmospheres, easy to tune as well.

Palm kazerne: marcheren met zware pas
Another rhythmic sound that works very well for grooves, specifically hi hats and shakers

PTT museum: oude telefoonpost
Rich sound, full of all kinds of textures, from transients to simple waves to loop, 

Infuusalarm in een ziekenhuis
Simple wave to granulate/loop to create synth patches

Oude koelkast
Drone sound that works very well even with just some reverb, loop the waveform for some crazy FM synth

Sounds from The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision under a CC BY-SA license. Image via Rijksmuseum