Sample Pack | Jasmín

Part of the upswell of highly skilled and uniquely voiced DJs in The Netherlands, Jasmin Hoek aka Jasmín, has solidified herself as a DJ for new generations. Not bogged down in DJ purism or genre-elitism but an avid musical explorer with a devout love for Missy Elliot.

And then came the pandemic, bringing her rise (like many others) to a screeching halt. But there was a silver lining, time and space to start working on her own productions. “I got Ableton about 1,5 year ago, and enjoyed playing around in it right away, but I didn’t have (or make) the time to really dive into it next to DJing and an almost full time office job. When the quarantine happened, I just had to think of things to kill time and keep myself entertained.” And thus, her journey as a producer began.

With no releases under her belt, yet, we wanted to get her fresh and new perspective for our sample packs. While still growing and learning the ins and outs of sound design and production, we wanted to see what sounds came to her as she sifted through the thousands available at The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

You can bet we’ll be keenly waiting for whenever her first productions drop, but in the meantime here’s her sample pack picks – maybe they’ll wind up in those fresh creations one day!

Download the sample pack here.

Het grazen van een vaars

This definitely evokes an ASMR in me. I’d love to hear and play this on a big sound system, either in itself as the start of an opening set for example, or as an overlay played over another track. The breathing sound makes it feel like the cow is right next to your ear.

Geroezemoes, schuifelen, kuchen en fluisteren van een paar mensen

This feels like you’re in a condensed room with quite some people, maybe in a theatre or a classroom- as the room feels not too spacious. It might be a longing for being in a packed space with a group of people that makes me like this sound, but I really like how the intensity builds up and down again; the whispering that turns into talking in a soft volume for example.

Geforceerde geldteruggave in een telefooncel

There’s a bunch of nice percussive sounds just within this sample or looped and spedup, it could even be a nice beat already.

Het ontkurken van een champagnefles

The crunchy spacious sound of the foil and dripping of the carbonic champagne gives a lot of texture to this sound. The pop and the bouncing of the cork almost creates a bouncy rhythm that’s almost a beat in itself.

Het opwinden van een Paillard speeldoos

A sweet mechanic sound. It becomes a rhythm in itself with both high and low percussive sounds that feel quite spacious.

Het snijden, hakken en wassen van groente

Even when you try to chop in a very consistent tempo, it’s always human and a bit off-beat. The cutting could work as an extra layer for a percussive track or percussive sound. The sound of the running water from the tap is like white noise but softer and warmer.

Het openen en sluiten van het portier van een T-Ford

The door has a nice hollow low sound, and the clicking of the lock gives it a higher/mid layer as well, which I really like. The door almost seems to shake after it closes, which gives the sounds a bit of a bouncy delay.

Het krijsen en klepperen van albatrossen

The clacking, bubbling sound of the albatross is great. I looked up some albatross videos to find out what it is, and I think it’s either the clapping of their peak or a sound they make in their throat.


More great animal sounds. After listening to it a couple of times, I noticed the snoring has quite a high speed. This could make a nice bass sound I think. The splashing sound of the water gives a spacious feeling to this recording.

Schaatsen op een grote ijsvlakte

This brings back memories of when I used to go ice skating once a week, which I actually hated doing it at some point. I always enjoy the sharp cutting sound of a skate cutting through the ice. It’s almost like the sound of swords. The dynamic and panning of this recording also flows very nicely from side to side, just like the flow of ice skating.

Schoener: kraken van de houten scheepsromp

Crunchy crackling wooden sounds following the tempo and movement of the waves. As much as I like the cracking sound, the movement even makes it feel a bit disorientating. This could be fun to play with in a club space.

Europese boomkikkers

The lower squeaking of these frogs sounds a lot like rubber or latex. There’s a lot of different intensities in the squeaking going on- would love to see how that could work within one track.

Sounds provided by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision under a CC BY-SA license

Image via Nationaal Archief – Public Domain