Sample Pack | Footsteps and Walking

Who doesn’t love walking? It’s perhaps the best mode of transportation and we as humans have been doing it for quite a long time. If you haven’t at some point taken a moment to listen to your footsteps in the snow, in the rain, on soft forrest floors, hardwood you name it; you’re missing out! We all have a unique rhythm and cadence at which we walk. It defines us and our mood as much as a finger print.

Musically speaking, our feet are perhaps our best percussive instrument. Whether it be tap-dancing or joining in on a campfire rendition of “We Will Rock You”, our feet give us a beat. So in this sample pack we’ve compiled 30 recordings of people walking on all different types of surfaces at all different tempos. Use a midi-extractor to pull out the rhythms and replace them with your own drum samples or melodies or just use them as-is to add depth to your moody ambience, there’s a lot of creative potential to be extracted from these recordings!

Grab the sample pack of curated sounds from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision for free reuse here.

Image via Nationaal Archief, public domain