“Struggle & Emerge” AV Show Premiere

Lakker will preform their new AV show for the upcoming RE:VIVE session EP Struggle & Emerge at the acclaimed Rewire Festival in The Hague on April 2nd. The new AV show incorporates curated archival television broadcast materials provided by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision for the RE:VIVE session. The bulk of the visual material comes from the famed Dutch Polygoon-Profilti which ran from 1919-1987.

The curation provided by Sound and Vision includes stark images from tragic events like the inundation of the Wieringermeer and the North Sea Flood of 1953 but also lighter moments like images of the Frisian past time “Fierljeppen” and the general day-to-day peaceful coexistence between the Dutch and the sea. You can see a small portion of the massive collection over at the Open Images platform where all the videos are openly licensed and available for re-use and download.

The performance will be preceded by a discussion between Lakker and RE:VIVE founder, Gregory Markus. The trio will delve into the process behind making Struggle & Emerge, provide insight into the archival material used, the history behind the concept and Lakker will demonstrate their expertise for working with obscure sounds to create rich, dynamic and textural music.

You can buy tickets for the Rewire Festival here and can pre-order Struggle & Emerge here.

Six years after the storm tide, by Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator), is licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike.