RE:VIVE x WORM | 010 Sampling Workshop

The sounds of a city can say a lot. From clattering Busy markets, to silent sleepy villages, bells of a Catholic church, calls to prayer from a mosque, birds or no birds, cars or no cars, public transport or bikes; all provide a sonic landscape that an image could never convey. And while capable of painting a sonic picture of the present, when the layers are peeled back, sounds can say so much more about the past. But when sounds and historical context are put in the hands of capable producers, a brand new sonic landscape appears that translates and transcends the audible and visible.

RE:VIVE, an initiative by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision bringing together archives and artists to change the way we hear the past.

Together with WORM Rotterdam, RE:VIVE is happy to announce a new sampling workshop around the city of Rotterdam on February 11th from 14:00-18:00 at WORM.

The workshop will challenge producers to take a curated set of historical archival material from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision related to Rotterdam and create new music, using solely these sounds. The sounds range from historical field recordings of the Port of Rotterdam, the construction of the Masstunnel, to the Laurenskerk and Liberation Day celebrations.

Since these sounds contain almost no purely musical elements, participants will get an instructional demonstration from SAE Amsterdam instructor Giacomo Piscitelli, who will show how one can take these sounds and create full and dynamic drum racks, synths, pads, and more that have more nuance and depth than out of the box presets

For inspiration participants and can check out V/A – 010, the news RE:VIVE release in collaboration with Fog Mountain Records. 14 producers took the same Rotterdam sample pack and contributed new music to the compilation. It features music from some of the best experimental producers out there including Fis and Roly Porter, Rotterdam heavy hitter Bas Mooy, U.S. based newcomer Meta, and many more.

Space for the workshop is limited. To apply for a spot please fill in this form by February 6th. You will be notified of your acceptance by February 8th.