RE:VIVE x SAE | Retro Game Sampling Workshop

Let’s take a step back to your friend’s parents’ basement to a day when your Commodore 64 was the life blood flowing through your adolescent veins. Those 8 and 16 bit sounds pushing the speakers to their limit while the blue-green hue of the screen illuminated a darkened room. Remember those days? Well then come channel that nostalgia into some new dance floor bangers
for our RE:VIVE x SAE ‘Retro Game Sampling Workshop’, November 13, from 13:00-17:00 in Hilversum at The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

All participants will receive a sample pack of archival sounds provided and curated by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, which contain sounds from Dutch gamer favorites like Zone 7, Eindeloos, Maze Thriller and more. The challenge is to create a new track using solely sounds from the Retro Game Sample Pack.
Electronic music production instructor from the international renowned SAE Institute, Giacomo Piscitelli, will be on the hand to help out and demo how using simple tools like EQ, filtering, compression and reverb turn these 8 bit sounds into an entire instrument rack.

The guys from Know V. A., whose 20 minute opus “Nieuwmarkt” on Damrak took trap and beat music to a new level will be on hand to help producers out. They also just released a new album on Fog Mountain records, Zeinith and are avid lovers of Radarsoft and Dutch video games so their passion will be readily transferred to any struggling participants.

At the end of the day everyone will have a chance to share their work with the group, get feedback and reflect on the day. We’ll share all the outcomes!

The workshop is limited to 15 participants.  To apply fill in the form below. The deadline for applications in November 10th at 0:00h. You’ll be informed if your application was accepted by November 11th, 12:00h.

The workshop will be held at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision located in Hilversum, Media Park. To get to Sound and Vision you’ll need to take the NS Train to Station Hilversum Media Park. From the train station it’s a short walk. Sound and Vision is the big colorful building, you can’t miss it.