Floating cinema for MuseumNight Amsterdam 2018

For Amsterdam MuseumNight 2018, a special collaboration between NDSM and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (RE:VIVE) will bring a floating historical experience to the canals of Amsterdam that poetically re-imagines the life of one of the most famous ocean liners ever built in Amsterdam, the m.s. Oranje.

Visual artist Sjoerd Martens and musician Thessa Torsing (upsammy) will debut a new audiovisual piece aboard a floating cinema that transforms the history of the m.s. Oranje. The piece will be a creative, immersive experience of this famous ocean liner that served as a wartime hospital ship, refuge transport and luxury cruise ship that burst into flames twice and ultimately met its demise at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The piece’s mood is drenched in reminiscence and nostalgia. It conveys a sense of longing and makes aurally clear that the ship itself was more than a floating vessel. For many it was a refuge and sign of safety, a trip back home or a gateway to explore the world. To execute that, Martens will re-use archival films from the Sound and Vision archive of the ship’s construction -which was heavily documented- and employ nostalgic color washes and interwoven timelines and modern aesthetics bringing new life to 80 year old film. Musically, as demonstrated with her debut film score composition for RE:VIVE at Dekmantel 2018, Torsing is adept at crafting sonic nostalgia for days gone by.

The new piece will be shown exclusively on a Amsterdam canal cruise ship turned floating cinema and ferry between NDSM and Scheepvaart Museum.

Those interested in learning more about the m.s. Oranje can explore the exhibitions on currently on display at NDSM and the Scheepvaart Museum. You can also explore films about the m.s. Oranje and see all the ones used for this project via Sound and Vision here.

A MuseumNight wristband is required for this exhibition. You can purchase one here. Bikes are not allowed onboard this ferry. The trip will roughly take 30 minutes.

Add the cruise to your MuseumNight schedule as well here


19:00 Departure Scheepvaartmuseum
19:30 Arrival NDSM
19:45 Departure NDSM
20:15 Arrival Scheepvaartmuseum
20:30 Departure Scheepvaartmuseum
21:00 Arrival NDSM
21:15 Departure NDSM
21:45 Arrival Scheepvaartmuseum
22:00 Departure Scheepvaartmuseum
22:30 Arrival NDSM
22:45 Departure NDSM
23:15 Arrival Scheepvaartmuseum