_underscore_ v2 featuring Tammo Hesselink, Raphael Vanoli, Laura Agnusdei

On January 20th at EYE Film Museum_underscore_, a brand new collaboration between RE:VIVE, The Rest is Noise and Eye will debut three new scores for archival films. For this second edition, Raphael Vanoli, Laura Agnusdei and Tammo Hesselink have composed exclusive new scores for  films from the archives of The Netherlands institute for Sound and Vision and EYE from the 1920s and 1930s using their unique styles of modern composition to bring these films back to life.

Raphael Vanoli performs music to: Au secours! (Abel Gance, FR 1923, 19′)
A satire on horror films: Max has accepted a bet to stay in a haunted house until midnight without turning to the owner for help. He courageously suffers the worst of agonies, but when his wife calls him exactly one minute before the witching hour to tell him there’s a man that wants to kill her, he presses the liberating bell.

Tammo Hesselink performs music to: Charlot présente le ballet mécanique (Fernand Léger, Dudley Murphy, FR 1923, 15′)
An avant-garde film featuring a cinematic dance based on live action, opticals and animation. Levers, pistons, limbs of mannequins, handbills, whisks and occasionally also people fly past in a whirl of motion.

Laura Agnusdei performs music to: Benny heeft het aan zijn hart (Dick Laan, NL 1926, 22′)
A short feature film by the Dutch author of children’s books Dick Laan. Young Benny loses his best friend when he is no longer allowed to play football following a heart misdiagnosis by Professor Oudewijf.

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Image: Stephan Kaffa