Catharsis, grace and movement: Rewire 2016 Retrospective

RE:VIVE had the privileged opportunity of showcasing our first project, Lakker’s Struggle & Emerge with the world at The Hague’s Rewire Festival last April. For us, it was humbling and inspiring to be able to bring cultural heritage and archival material from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision to life alongside some of the world’s greatest artists and engage with a ravenous audience that devoured every moment that Rewire threw at them.

The Netherlands has no shortage of festivals but very very few bring the challenge and reward like Rewire does. Riding the Rewire sine wave of catharsis, grace, and movement over and over until you throw up the white flag is a yearly must for anyone willing to open themselves up to new horizons.

Rewire has just announced the dates of their 2017 installment of the festival, March 31st-April 2nd and to get your mouth watering have shared a retrospective from 2016.

We’ll see you there.

Cover image via Rene Passet under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license