Virtual Workshop #6 Nadia Struiwigh and Laura Agnusdei

During the current Covid-19 crisis we’ve been hosting a series of free virtual workshops in collaboration with SAE Institute Amsterdam

With these workshops we are bringing a bunch of different music producers and artists together and putting everyone a bit out of their comfort zone by throwing them a curve ball sample pack of archival sounds. We like teaching people new things and we love hearing what you make, even if you think it’s not good (it is good!).

This week’s guest lecturer is one of The Netherlands finest sound design and producers, Nadia Struiwigh. Having broken through several years ago with acclaimed LPs on CPU and Denovali plus remixes and tracks for MORD Records and DFA, Struiwigh is one of the most versatile composers in The Netherlands. Her techno is pulsing and weightless while her epic ambient carries the Tri Angle and Subtext mass.

Having recently re-located to Australia, Struiwigh will be joining us from her new home with new inspiration.

We will also have an additional guest lecturer, composer and sound design, Laura Agnusdei. Agnusdei, who’s done several commission for RE:VIVE will discuss her approach to film scoring. Over the past few years, Agnusdei has composed and preformed multiple scores for archival films. Most recently, her composition for Dutch archival film, Fuga debuted at Dekmantel Festival 2019, commissioned by RE:VIVE and Dekmantel.

The workshop will focus on the basics of sound design, turning archive field recordings into kicks, snare, synths, pads, patterns etc. and artistic approaches to composing for moving image.

Time and Date: May 2nd, 12:00 CET

Sign up via:

Some practical info:

-The instruction will be given primarily in Ableton but the rules and theory of sound design are widely applicable to most DAWs.

-The workshop will be conducted via ZOOM. You will receive a URL, meeting code and password to be able to to join. You can download ZOOM at:

-The workshop will last roughly 90minutes.

-We’re still working out the kinks with the virtual workshop so we also ask that you have patience and an open mind!

Image via Nationaal Archief CC0