Sample Pack | Japan, Sicily, Trumpets, Ivory Coast and a choir

After the staggering popularity of our Madagascar, Tahiti, Switzerland an Accordion Sample Pack we decided to dig deeper into some archive collections and came out with 60 songs from around the world, all free and in the public domain for you to sample and enjoy.

This sample pack, cleverly titled, Japan, Sicily, Trumpets, Ivory Coast and a choir features astonishing recordings from, you guessed, Japan, Sicily, the Ivory Coast and also some lovely choral and trumpet music with a few other recordings sprinkled in for good measure.

The majority of recordings date back to be 1930 and have been digitized from old 78s. The recordings are palpable and the majority of them were made in the field by different ethnomusicologists.

We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to support your local archive!

Grab the sample pack for free here.

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All sounds sourced via Europeana and are listed as being in the Public Domain.