Sample Pack | Heavy is as heavy does

RE:VIVE has a history of liking it heavy. From Lakker’s Struggle & Emerge to the blistering techno appearing on our V/A – 010 compilation, sometimes the archival field recordings just lend themselves to blowing up a mix with blaring horns and sirens. For our Gabber Gabber Hey! Workshop at WORM in May 2019, we wanted to make a sample pack that would be uncompromisingly powerful, loaded with aggressive sounds ripe for creating apocalyptic noise, gabber, hardcore, or cinematic anthems.

We’re very happy to share this sample pack full of archival sounds from The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the Work with Sounds (now: Sounds of Change) project.

Grab the sample pack here.

All sounds licensed under a CC BY-SA license.

Image via het Nationaal archief, Public Domain (they have millions of great images you can freely use!)