Resonance Sound Design Workshop

You hear them every day. They’re a signal that you might choose to ignore, except when you’re running late. Church bells amplify across nearly town in The Netherlands but have you ever considered their sonic potential? Join us for a workshop on November 30th as part of RE:VIVE and Rewire Resonance program, to get hands on with different bells from across The Netherlands, learn how to digitally manipulate them and integrate them into your own compositions.

Resonance is a day of concerts, workshops, and discourse exploring new contexts in contemporary church music at Stevenskerk in Nijmegen. With this workshop you’ll gain access to archival recordings dating back to the 1950s of bells from church all around The Netherlands, receive a crash course in sound design from SAE music production instructor Giacomo Piscitelli aka Torgue  and have your creative process pushed as you work within new limitations and structures.

More info about Resonance and the program is available at:

Workshop attendees are free to the evening’s discourse and music program. Space is limited and participants will be accepted on a rolling application basis. Please fill in this form to apply:

This workshop is intended for music beginner and intermediate music producers. You will need to bring your own laptop with DAW of your choice and headphones.

Workshop time and date:

November 30th 13:00 – 16:00


Stevenskerk, Nijmegen

Sint Stevenskerkhof 62, 6511 VZ Nijmegen

This event is part of the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed Kerk & Kunst initiative. Further info about the Rijksdiensts full Kerk & Kunst program can be found at:

Image via Nationaal Archief, CCO