Red Light Radio Mix-August 30

Here at RE:VIVE we’re super lucky to have access to the incredible ethnographic music collections of the Tropenmuseum, held by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. This collection, lovingly referred to in-house as the KIT collection spans decades of ethnomusicology from around the world with recordings made by some of the foremost ethnomusicologists. When we prepare for a Red Light Radio set, our head of content, Harry, walks downstairs to the depots and pulls out a bunch of CDs (digitized reel-to-reel tapes) and starts listening. Much of this material hasn’t been heard by people for over 2 decades, possibly longer in some cases. But because of our friends at Red Light Radio, we have a platform to share just the tip of the iceberg with you all.

Have a listen to our newest mix as we journey from Cameroon to Libya, India, Zambia, the Ivory Coast and more. Check out the full track list below and stream the mix now.

  1. Cameroon_Maïvnassa chant de danse pour les femmes and M.MP3
  2. Cameroon_Chant de travail des routes  Damti et Ahanda.MP3
  3. Cameroon_Dodo boto baza, Dodo ouali, Ponsti’bonge  Guirgem Dege.MP3
  4. Cameroon_Cameron_X_Nocour no tone  berceuse.MP3
  5. IvoryCoast_Dodo boto baza, Dodo ouali, Ponsti’bonge / Guirgem Dege, solo de sanza, and Baya Samba chanson de chasse / Gountou et Souake chant solo homme ; choeur d’hommes accompagnement de sanza.MP3
  6. IvoryCoast_Mazoto chant de danse avec le grigri.MP3
  7. IvoryCoast_Beke dougou plainte contre le recrutement des travailleurs and Bouinta da nou le départ du fils unique pour la France// Gountou et Souake, chant en duo accompagnement de sanza.MP3
  8. Zambia_70581_15_Nummer 15.wav
  9. Zambia_70581_05_Nummer 5.wav
  10. Zambia_70581_04_Nummer 4.wav
  11. Zambia_70581_02_Nummer 2.wav
  12. India_7687_01_Nummer 1.wav
  13. India_7687_02_Nummer 2.wav
  14. India_7688_03_Nummer 3.wav
  15. 01_India7683 1.wav
  16. India_70532_01 Nummer 1.wav
  17. 01_Libie7648 1.wav
  18. Oezbekistan_70641_02 Nummer 2.wav