Red Bull Music Academy Experimental Sampling Workshop

On Febuary 26th, 2016 as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Session in Amsterdam, RE:VIVE is hosting an experimental Sampling Workshop with sampling masterminds  Lakker (R&S) at the Amsterdam Red Bull Studios . This workshop will push producers to broaden their sampling methods and production process.

By “experimental sampling’ we mean  analyzing little pieces of data to retrieve as much depth as possible from them. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision has compiled an exclusive sample pack of 150 samples – some of those dating back to the 1930’s . From field to TV and radio recordings: all samples have been recorded in Amsterdam, offering some true colour locale. We want producers to imagine what their Amsterdam sounds like and translate this as well as possible by only sampling the sounds of Amsterdam. This is no easy feat. But this once-in-a-lifetime workshop is the perfect catalyst for those producers wanting to push themselves a little further.

Send your motivation letter and demo to