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DjBrodcast about our passion for sound archive.

“The potential is real if you bring the right people together.”
Feature after watching RE:VIVE grow between Lakker‘s Struggle & Emerge and Damrak with Fog Mountain. (in dutch)

RANSOM NOTE: Damrak track by track.

A soundtrack to Amsterdam and its many paradoxes, generated from archival field recordings and TV broadcasts. What inspired the artists, how they worked with the sounds, deprived themselves of sleep and pushed themselves to their creative limits.

Red Bull Music Academy Daily: A Dutch initiative changing the way we think about sound archives

A feature about RE:VIVE written by Chris Duncan for the Red Bull Music Academy Daily

Resident Advisor review Struggle & Emerge premiere at Rewire Festival

Lakker premiered their newest work, Struggle & Emerge, an audio-visual piece based on the archives of the Netherlands Institute For Sound And Vision. Holland’s tempestuous and inextricable relationship with water was the subject. The result was a complex and circuitous route through sunny, bass-heavy dancehall into harsher more abstract noise and techno. But as ever with Lakker, melodies prevailed, made, in this case, from noise. It was another masterful live performance from the duo.

Ransom Note Interview with Lakker: Dams, Gates, and Pole Vaults: Lakker Talk

“It’s the history and the story behind those sounds which give it a real context and an emotional weight to the sounds. You hear these stories, these people who had suffered because of the floods and you can write the songs and music with that context in you.”

Exclusive Lakker mix of Struggle & Emerge source material

An exclusive mix by Lakker featuring the archival source material from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision that inspired and was sampled for the Struggle & Emerge EP.