Dekmantel Festival 2019 | SCORES II

For the 3rd year in a row, Dekmantel and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’s
RE:VIVE initiative have teamed up to invite four artists to bring fresh music to Dutch archival
films. This edition will feature new scores from Safe Tripper Max Abysmal, 80s pastiche,
keyboard wizard duo Lamellen, The Hague based contemporary composer and saxophonist
Laura Agnusdei and Pinkman / Dekmantel heavy-hitter Identified Patient. This year’s films
are as diverse as the invited artists, 3 of which come from the collection of Academy Award
nominated Dutch film producer, Nico Crama as well as the 1971 Best Short Film winner from
the late Jan Oonk.

Screening will occur at Eye Filmmuseum on August 1st at 17:30. Entry is free.

De Struiter (1971), Director: Jan Oonk; producer: Nico Crama; new music by Lamellen

Comeback (1982), Director: Otto Laan; new music by Identified Patient

Quod Libet (1977), Director: Gerrit van Dijk; producers: Peter Brouer, Nico Crama; original
sound by Mart van den Busken; new music by Max Abysmal

Fuga (1996), Director: Hans Nassenstein; producer: Nico Crama; original music composed by
Dimitry Shostakovich performed by Jaap Stork; new music by Laura Agnusdei