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Sample Packs

Sample Pack | Sounds from Space

Beep, beep, beep, beep, bloop, blerp; message incoming. Sounds from space! That’s right, this sample pack has sounds that come from outside earth’s atmosphere. We won’t pretend that they come from true outer space, because they’re satellite signals and satellites predominantly operate within Low Earth Orbit. If you want proper space sounds, check out NASA, …

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Sample Pack | Jasmín

Part of the upswell of highly skilled and uniquely voiced DJs in The Netherlands, Jasmin Hoek aka Jasmín, has solidified herself as a DJ for new generations. Not bogged down in DJ purism or genre-elitism but an avid musical explorer with a devout love for Missy Elliot. And then came the pandemic, bringing her rise …

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Sample Pack | Wanderwelle

What we talk about when we talk about ambient music is the feelings we lose because they’ve been filled by the sound. Like Artistotle posited, “nature abhors a vacuum”. There’s no room for empty space in the world, something always fills it in. At least that’s our idea of ambient music, the feeling of losing …

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