I’m an archive, how do I participate?

It’s easy, you need a curated collection of freely reusable audio or audiovisual materials and an open mind.

I’m an artist, how do I participate?

Drop us a line. Share some of your music, tell us why you want to do a session, what you’re interested in etc. We might not be able to find a match right away but we’ll work to find one!

I found a collection online that I want to do a session with, can you help?

Yeah for sure. RE:VIVE is connected to archives and academics around the world. We would love to take you under the RE:VIVE umbrella and make your project come to fruition.

Are your sample packs useable without clearing rights?

We try to provide only openly licensed content. Copyright can be great or it can be a horrible monster. Creative Commons have helped smooth some woes but laws are different in every country so there’s really no way to ensure. We use www.europeana.eu to source the majority of the content and their data on rights is pretty up to date. However, we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice so when in doubt, check it out.

I’m an artist, why should I participate?

RE:VIVE is a unique opportunity for artists. We’re not just commissioning new works, we’re asking you to enter the rich world of archives and academia to make these historical narratives and oft forgotten materials come back to life. This is your chance to push yourself creatively and diversify yourself from the crowd.

I’m an archive, why should I participate?

Most institutions are craving for creative re-use of their collections. RE:VIVE offers a simple and incredibly engaging way to make your collections visible to a huge audience and provide context, educational value, as well as financial benefits.

Are you a label?

No, we are not a label. We hope that whichever label you’re currently on will support your unique creative endeavor as an artist. If not, we can always shop around with the labels we’re in touch with or release the production digitally.

Are your sessions paid?

As artists we know how important it is to be compensated for one’s work. That said, times are tough everywhere and we can’t guarantee funding for your specific session but we’ll do our best. If there isn’t direct funding available we will help you seek funds elsewhere.