Red Light Radio x Beeld en Geluid | From the Archive

Red Light Radio x Beeld en Geluid | From the Archive

Together with Red Light Radio and Discogs we are inviting the finest diggers to scour the vinyl archive of The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Their goal? To find rare and interesting records that they would go on to play as part of a special on-location broadcast on Red Light Radio.

The fourth (classical) edition invited: Serge, fascia lata, and Cinnaman

The third edition invited: Steele Bonus, Margie, Dazion, and Rege Satanas

The second (Jazz only) edition invited: Jazzdiggers, Jordan gcz and Future Vintage

The first edition invited Gilb’r, Kléo, Robert Bergman and Loma Doom.

You can listen back to all the mixes below and explore the mind of the DJs via these great write-ups from Discogs.

fascia lata



Steele Bonus – track list

Margie – track list

Dazion – track list

Rege Satanas 1 – track list

Rege Satans 2 – track list



Loma Doom

Robert Bergman

RE:VIVE, CC BY-SA 3.0 Cover image: DRs Kulturarvsprojekt CC BY-SA