Hatti Vatti – Szum (MOST Records)

Hatti Vatti – Szum (MOST Records)

Hatti Vatti – Szum (MOST Records 2017)

Hatti Vatti, real name Piotr Kaliński, is one of the Polish underground’s most vital figures. He is known for his analogue focused interpretations of an array of sounds, from ambient to footwork, as well as his Nanook of the North project alongside composer Stefan Wesołowski, as featured on Boiler Room. One of the few electronic artists from the country to gain even greater attention abroad, he has toured extensively from Japan to South Korea, Greenland and Iceland, where he performs frequently.

Throughout “SZUM”, Kaliński offers a typically bold, retro futuristic exploration of Poland’s rich history of sound experimentation, one that simultaneously corresponds closely with contemporary issues and events in the country. Combining his own analogue workshop approach with a vast library of samples, the record is a succinct blend of hardware and reimagination. While working on “SZUM”, Kaliński joined collaborative forces with the RE:VIVE initiative and the Polish National Audiovisual Institute.

Having already been inspired by the pioneering work of artists from the Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio, founded in 1962, as well as by animated film scores of the 70s and 80s, the Polish National Audiovisual Institute presented Hatti Vatti with the unmissable opportunity to delve with unprecedented access into the vast archives of the Polish National Audiovisual Institute in Warsaw. Here, Hatti Vatti took the original, haunting, sometimes fractured yet melodic compositions he had been working on, and injected each with a haunting layer of socialist era psychedelia. Far beyond a typical ‘sampledelic’ excursion, “SZUM” is the sound of a cutting edge electronic craftsman, reimagining his forward thinking work alongside the pioneering ghosts of the past.

Before the full release of SZUM, MOST are proud to present an exclusive video premiere of album highlight, Hero/in. Partially shot across Warsaw’s vast socialist-modernism housing projects, an iconic example of of Poland’s communist era heritage, as well as Hatti Vatti’s current residence, the video combines striking architecture and state of the art projection mapping, casting Witold Gierzsz experimental animated film The Star against the bloc’s unmistakable skyline.

SZUM is through MOST Records and Kudos Distribution, mastered by Dubplastes & Mastering. A limited edition 2LP boxset, complete with enigmatic ‘decoded’ artwork by Super Super studio.

  • Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny
  • 2017

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